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The book “Periodismo de marcas”, now on sale

“Periodismo de marcas” is a treatise on brand journalism for journalists and business executives who want to implement it in their organizations. The book argues that this discipline is genuine journalism, away from the metaphor of journalism or imposture. Its implementation involves setting new goals in brand communication and a profound transformation of the business organization.

Post in Spanish: El tratado «Periodismo de marcas», ya a la venta


«HTML5 para periodistas», also for sale on Google Play

Edited by Estrategia del Contenido®, HTML5 para periodistas. Manual de uso práctico, by Carlos J. Campo, is also offered for sale on Google Play. Until now it was possible to buy on iTunes and Amazon. The manual instructs from the perspective of the content creator on the necessary changes in the source code to achieve semantic messages.

Post in Spanish: «HTML5 para periodistas», también en Google Play


‘title’, essential in the writing of semantic content

The 5.2 HTML update gives the title attribute a new role. The goal is for Assistive Technology (AT) to semantically identify the content. The AT devices will understand the content and will be able to summarize it or extract the data to answer user questions. Content that does not fit these features will be invisible on the Internet.

Post in Spanish: ‘title’, imprescindible en la redacción de contenido semántico


The risks of false identification of Brand Journalism

The confusion between brand journalism and content marketing or PR, when identifying all products as journalism is a mistake that pose risks to the brand. When is not brand journalism, generating measurements useless results; the reality is makeup without a journalistic commitment; betraying the trust of the receiver; and identifies the brand with values of very low quality journalism.

Post in Spanish: Los riesgos de la identificación falsa del Periodismo de Marcas


Reasons for writing using HTML5 semantic

Any content creator is required to use language HTML5. This is the language that interpret all devices that are able to display the message, from a watch to a highway marquee. The correct coding allows robots to interpret what is said and does not affect human understanding. Currently, the semantic write positioning is better on search engines pages.

Post in Spanish: Motivos para redactar usando HTML5 semántico


New and dispensable booklet about brand journalism

Just released the ‘Periodismo de marca’ manual by Alberto Arébalos. The book is intended for entrepreneurs interested in the brand journalism. However, the work mixes characteristics of content marketing, native advertising and brand journalism into a hotchpotch very confusing. The book of 28 pages is available in kindle format and is dispensable.

Post in Spanish: Publican un opúsculo prescindible sobre periodismo de marca


In the newsroom, the Coding Editor profile is necessary?

Anette Novak, media innovation consultant, proposes creation of Coding Editor in digital newsrooms. The task of this editor would review the source code of the news created. This post discusses the challenges the use of HTML5 in journalism and suggests integrating the Coding Editor functions in journalists and their supervisors.

Post in Spanish: ¿Es necesario el perfil profesional del ‘coding editor’ en la redacción?