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Factors real-time activity in Brand Journalism

Analysis of the three factors of the Brand Newsroom to organize their work in real time. First, generate a sense of gratification in the comments on the corporate blog. Furthermore, having the opportunity to newsjacking. And finally, keep alive the conversations on social networks.

Post in Spanish: Factores de la actividad en tiempo real en el periodismo de Marca


Indications for use of heat maps in real time for local content

The geographical position data of mobile phones can become useful content for show information of local character. The generation of a heat map in real time converts this data into useful and practical content, gregarious, funny, persuasive and analytical. In this post different indications for using heat map for these purposes are proposed.

Post in Spanish: Indicaciones de uso de mapas de calor en tiempo real para contenido local


Factors for post-mortem stage in content strategy

Analysis of factors affecting the planning and development of the post-mortem stage for strategic content management. The study was performed from the dissolution of an electoral coalition. The four trigger factors are: end the contract with the agency content strategy, seasonal end of the activity of the organization, total end of the activity or program of action, and the crisis communication.

Post in Spanish: Factores de la etapa post-mortem en estrategia de contenidos


Example of bad content for an sloppy crisis communication

Study of youniquemoney.es business communication, unauthorized by the Spanish central bank. The texts are bad, programming are sloppy, 404 status pages are mistaken, there are contents that seem undeterred by the crisis and excuses blame others for their situation. The case demonstrates the need for integration of crisis communication into content strategy.

Post in Spanish: Ejemplo de mal contenido para una comunicación de crisis chapucera


Factors to take the best decision in content strategy

Mathias Maul, from Hamburg (Germany), attended the meetup about content strategy in Barcelona to establish the four factors that influence the adoption of smart decisions. To Mr. Maul have to consider the reasoning, external trends, personal feelings and the speed of adoption and implementation.

Post in Spanish: Factores para adoptar la mejor decisión en estrategia de contenidos


The buying experience with iBeacon and contextualized content

iBeacon BLE will revolutionize the information given to customers when they walk by a store. With Apple’s latest invention, the shelves and the aisles of supermarkets become an active factor that contextualizes the products and the online communication and transform the entire shopping experience. The content strategist must combine the who and when factors to display the messages more efficient.

Post in Spanish: La experiencia de compra con iBeacon y el contenido contextualizado


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Integration of crisis communication in content strategy

Currently, we are developing two projects for content strategy in which we have integrated the crisis communication plan of our customers. For practical and efficient for a hypothetical crisis, and after this crisis, we believe it is better to operate from the corporate site and not create a dark site.

Post in Spanish: La comunicación de crisis en la estrategia de contenidos