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“CEO, you need content strategy if…”

Recovering from a presentation by Hilary Marsh held a few days ago in Chicago. She collects circumstances of the companies and organizations that demonstrate the need for a content strategist. His proposal was to study the processes, the authority, the collaboration and make known what is the content.

Post in Spanish: “Señor CEO, usted necesita un estratega de contenidos si…”


Rapid assessment of the possibilities of creating viral content

In a new project, we had to develop a rapid system assessment of performance produced by viral content. Our process has six outlets of information and allow conclusions on three parameters to define the profitability of building viral content. The joint consideration of the three parameters to decide whether viral content creation will be profitable.

Post in Spanish: Evaluación rápida de las posibilidades de creación de contenido viral


The inadvisable strategic use of Facebook comments

The use of Facebook Comments plugin in corporate web pages can undermine content strategy and impair communication. The negligence in the review of approved sites, the lack of response in social networks and the bad governance in the contents aggravate the situation. In the post, we analyze the Dove case.

Post in Spanish: El desaconsejable uso estratégico de los comentarios de Facebook


Calendar for strategic content about corporate events

A corporate event is only valuable for a few months. However, the quality content that is generated from the event produces brand value indefinitely. The content strategy of the event depends on a calendar of reactions, the evolution of communicative objectives, a changing audience and the use of different channels at each stage. There never have to lose control of the production of the contents.

Post in Spanish: Calendario de contenidos para eventos corporativos


The artificial reach of brand journalism by Coca-Cola

Analysis of the known data on the use of Expression of Interest (EoI) rate Coca-Cola. The low score on the natural reach of the content activates automatically promotional action for this content. A priori, the index provides neither potential audiences data nor contribution of brand value of these audiences.

Post in Spanish: El alcance artificial del periodismo de marcas de Coca-Cola


Features and contact points from the strategic content

When a user contacts the content, it goes into a deep spiral of benefits that the message offers. The benefits are structured in three levels deep conditioned by the initial intentions of the user and the type of channel that accesses the content. Only the corporate website ensures a complete cycle and the quality of content.

Post in Spanish: Prestaciones y puntos de contacto del contenido estratégico


The contribution of an estonian museum in the institutional content strategy

An investigation of four years in a museum of Estonia led to a Decalogue on the institutional content strategy that has changed the way we communicate institutions. The Estonian model is based on audience research, extension of institutional territory to virtual spaces and content creation to facilitate participation.

Post in Spanish: La aportación de un museo estonio a la estrategia de contenidos institucional