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Brand Newsroom

The book “Periodismo de marcas”, now on sale

“Periodismo de marcas” is a treatise on brand journalism for journalists and business executives who want to implement it in their organizations. The book argues that this discipline is genuine journalism, away from the metaphor of journalism or imposture. Its implementation involves setting new goals in brand communication and a profound transformation of the business organization.

Post in Spanish: El tratado «Periodismo de marcas», ya a la venta


What is an newsroom of brands and their criteria define

Explanation of how it is structured and works a newsroom of brand. Comparison with a modern drafting media. The reaction rate is not as important. Neither the UGC is so important in most cases. Instead, we must take into account the proximity of the components of the newsroom and the presence of authority that validates content publication.

Post in Spanish: Qué es una redacción de marcas y qué criterios la definen


Newsroom of brand models

Analysis of four models brand newsroom organization in terms of its capacity, its internal management and its relationship with  external suppliers. Assessing their strengths and weaknesses. And shows what kind of companies or institutions benefit best from each. The models are theoretical and should be considered a starting point for each company’s suited to their needs.

Post in Spanish: Modelos de redacción de Marcas


‘Airbnbmag’: questions and answers about their brand journalism

Airbnbmag is a travel magazine released by the Airbnb brand in collaboration with Hearst and is a paradigmatic example of brand journalism. This post analyzes the magazine and the aspects that define it as an operation of brand journalism, away from marketing and public relations.

Post in Spanish: ‘Airbnbmag’: preguntas y respuestas sobre su brand journalism


The brand journalism in the ethical code of journalism

The revision of the code of ethics of the journalists of Catalonia invites to check the adjustment of the brand journalism to this precepts. This post revises the ethical and moral criteria of the profession and concludes that brand journalism, when exercised rigorously, meets the deontological standards.

Post in Spanish: Encaje del Brand Journalism en el código ético del Periodismo


The artificial reach of brand journalism by Coca-Cola

Analysis of the known data on the use of Expression of Interest (EoI) rate Coca-Cola. The low score on the natural reach of the content activates automatically promotional action for this content. A priori, the index provides neither potential audiences data nor contribution of brand value of these audiences.

Post in Spanish: El alcance artificial del periodismo de marcas de Coca-Cola


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Sources Journalism versus Brand Journalism

Historical review the theoretical concept of Sources Journalism. At first is theorized the news from a single source from the perspective of the media that published them. Subsequently was analyzed from the perspective of the production of information pieces for the media. This theoretical view is opposed to the discipline of Brand Journalism.

Post in Spanish: Periodismo de fuentes frente a periodismo de marcas