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How to plan your content budget for 2017

Explanation, step by step, of the preparation of an annual budget of contents. The method is universal, both for large corporations with large amounts of content and important production teams, as well as for sole proprietorships. The methodology is based on the unification of production in terms of hourly investment.

Post in Spanish: Cómo planificar el presupuesto anual de contenidos


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How a budget is made for content marketing

The CMO has the temptation to set what kind of message format and channel will be used in a content marketing campaign. With their wishes he can try setting a budget and this action would be wrong. This post explains, step by step, how to develop the most appropriate content marketing budget.

Post in Spanish: Cómo se elabora un presupuesto para marketing de contenidos


Context content trends for fashion retailers

Exploration of content trends for retailers in the fashion sector. The use of corporate websites that prolong the contribution of content value is proposed. The content map affects the personal, socio-political and spatio-temporal contextualization of the garments. It is intended that the buyer discover the content more easily and spend more time in the establishment.

Post in Spanish: Tendencias de contenido de contexto para minoristas de moda


Strategic scrutiny milestones in experimental content

Criteria for the determination of the moment in which some experimental content is to be scrutinized by the organization. The scrutiny will sought opinions on the decisions that have been made in the process of developing the message. The test serves to continue the project or to go back and reconsider some of the decisions taken. This assay is useful when there is no previous experience.

Post in Spanish: Hitos estratégicos de escrutinio en contenido experimental


Calculation of the price of corporate content before a business absorption

The corporate content is an asset of the company that can obtain a fair price in the processes of purchase, merger or business absorption. This post explains a method for calculating the maximum price and the minimum trading price. The method is based on the quality and ability to create audiences and not on the audiences achieved. On the calculated cost price, a number of weightings are applied.

Post in Spanish: Fijar el precio del contenido ante una absorción empresarial


Classic errors in content strategy governance

Some corporate governance models create atomized committees that make crucial decisions for communication with contents. These commissions are often extraneous to the processes of the corporate content strategy. The distance of the managers to the communicative reality causes dysfunctions that are transferred to the result of the content. An excellent message could have a very poor result.

Post in Spanish: Errores clásicos en la gobernanza de la estrategia de contenidos


Video Content: The Pennsylvania Decision Model

The decision to produce a video with corporate content is not always easy. Throughout the year, there are opportunities to choose this format, but their communicative ability or economic impact are not suitable for the organization. The Pennsylvania State University graduate school has created a publishing model that serves to make the right decision when it comes to producing a video.

Post in Spanish: Contenido en vídeo: el Modelo Pensilvania de decisión