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Recommendations for newly appointed CxO (CMO or dirCOM)

When a new manager has just landed in the company and has to take care of the content area, management can need help. The dirCom or the CMO need a number of Approach Studies discreetly for inform you what content exists, how to govern, and what chances of immediate action is.

Post in Spanish: Recomendaciones para el dirCom o director de marketing recién nombrado


Context content trends for fashion retailers

Exploration of content trends for retailers in the fashion sector. The use of corporate websites that prolong the contribution of content value is proposed. The content map affects the personal, socio-political and spatio-temporal contextualization of the garments. It is intended that the buyer discover the content more easily and spend more time in the establishment.

Post in Spanish: Tendencias de contenido de contexto para minoristas de moda


How to plan your content budget for 2017

Explanation, step by step, of the preparation of an annual budget of contents. The method is universal, both for large corporations with large amounts of content and important production teams, as well as for sole proprietorships. The methodology is based on the unification of production in terms of hourly investment.

Post in Spanish: Cómo planificar el presupuesto anual de contenidos


Strategic actions to extract maximum performance to content

The expectation and curiosity aroused by our services page on Facebook has led us to classify, sort and deepen the extensive list containing this post. We have classified them into six sections: diagnosis and unified content strategy; governance; editorial intervention; assistance and production of content; audiences; and brand journalism.

Post in Spanish: Acciones para extraer el máximo rendimiento al contenido


Constituted Gbinet management consulting and communications

Estrategia del Contenido® participated in founding the consulting firm Gbinet Servicios Plenos®. The new company aims to advising business owners and public administrators, instead of focusing on companies or public administration. This born after we are detected many clients are not able to define what your product or service or business model. It’s our consulting partner.

Post in Spanish: Constituida la consultoría Gbinet de gestión y comunicación


Bad content is a symptom of organizational problems

Repairing a bad, non-strategic and insubstantial content is a matter of time and money. It’s an activity that does not have too much difficulty. However, the repair only relieves the symptoms of some problems of non-government and control of the processes experienced by the corporation. Symptoms without proper content strategy, will recur.

Post in Spanish: El mal contenido como síntoma