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Métricas y KPI

The Attention Minute, a upwards metric value for the contents

Eli Pariser, founder of Upworthy, said that his platform uses as a metric the ‘attention minute’ of their users, versus the number of unique visitors or page views. The incorporation of this temporal parameter into statistics can serve the content strategy for assessing the quality, satisfaction and importance of contents.

Post in Spanish: El Minuto de Atención, valor métrico en alza para contenidos


Elements of economic sustainability of a content strategy

Theoretical study of the calculation of Goldilocks Zone for the economic sustainability of a content strategy. The calculation determines that the enrichment of communication decreases its economic efficiency. Responsibility is not only the content strategist. Other factors also have professional profiles and their level of responsibility.

Post in Spanish: Elementos de sostenibilidad económica de una estrategia de contenidos


Argument against calculating the ROI of content strategy

The Content Strategy (CS) has a intangible value for the organization. The obsession with measuring results and translate them into ROI can be counterproductive, because the CS provides results permanently. We need to consider the invest in CS from the financial cost structure of the company. From this perspective, is a sunk fixed cost that can be associated with stepped fixed costs.

Post in Spanish: Argumento contra el cálculo del ROI de la estrategia de contenidos


Strategic scrutiny milestones in experimental content

Criteria for the determination of the moment in which some experimental content is to be scrutinized by the organization. The scrutiny will sought opinions on the decisions that have been made in the process of developing the message. The test serves to continue the project or to go back and reconsider some of the decisions taken. This assay is useful when there is no previous experience.

Post in Spanish: Hitos estratégicos de escrutinio en contenido experimental


Differential ethnography in content strategy

Differential ethnography is a method of audience research that is used in content strategy to analyze the context of content consumption. It is based on the existence of patterns of apprehension of information that, in turn, obey internal routines. The researcher tries to determine what is a priority, what is more comfortable and what is culturally acceptable to the subject.

Post in Spanish: Etnografía diferencial en estrategia de contenidos


Calculation of the price of corporate content before a business absorption

The corporate content is an asset of the company that can obtain a fair price in the processes of purchase, merger or business absorption. This post explains a method for calculating the maximum price and the minimum trading price. The method is based on the quality and ability to create audiences and not on the audiences achieved. On the calculated cost price, a number of weightings are applied.

Post in Spanish: Fijar el precio del contenido ante una absorción empresarial


Factors of propagation in the editorial calendar

The propagation concept registers, by speed and intensity, the degree of receptivity on a piece of content. This is calculated on the experience in the publication. It serves to develop an editorial calendar that is communicatively more effective and economically more profitable. This post discusses the factors that affect the propagation.

Post in Spanish: Factores de propagación en el calendario editorial