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Información financiera

Mandatory legal requirements for the content in the web sites

This post gives an overview of the legal dispositions requiring publish certain content on websites. The legislation affects data protection, transparency in the use of public funds, nutritional and health information and financial information. A service package was also announced to help companies to comply with the Transparency Act.

Post in Spanish: Exigencias legales de contenido obligatorio en los sitios web


Effective structure of content for annual reports

Selection of the most frequent informative pieces in the annual report of the company for treatment from content strategy. A part of the informative pieces are repetitive and affect the definition of the business. Another part is conjunctural and should be placed chronologically in the corporate website.

Post in Spanish: Estructura eficaz de contenidos de las cuentas anuales


Strategic use of content in the new mandatory CSR

The transposition of a European directive into Spanish law obliges most companies to publish a mandatory report on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that can be converted into strategic content. The law establishes the informative sections that companies should address in this report: anti-corruption measures, labor relations, gender equality, sustainability, etc. 

Post in Spanish: Uso estratégico del contenido de la nueva RSC obligatoria


Use of bodystorming in complex communicative processes

The bodystorming method allows the creation of content maps adjusted to the context of information consumption, within a content strategy. The technique is used in complex communicative processes, such as online financial information, the management of collaborations of different types or the creation of manuals instructions omnicanal. This post explains the characteristics of the method.

Post in Spanish: Empleo del bodystorming en procesos comunicativos complejos


Content Strategy model for Criminal Compliance

The Spanish Penal Code requires, practically, a Criminal Compliance program for companies. The objective is to circumvent or mitigate possible penalties for the benefit that organizations have obtained from crimes committed. The creation of a content strategy that communicates this program contributes to the detection of suspicious activities, provides legal protection and increases its brand value.

Post in Spanish: Estrategia de contenidos marco para Compliance Penal


Pernicious profiles of managers that validate the content

The lack of training, lack of interest, professional pruritus, inability to express what should be the content that the organization produces overwork, information overload, the competential zeal and organization of governance may affect seriously the process of creating content. This post describes four management profiles affecting production.

Post in Spanish: Perfiles perniciosos de directivos que validan el contenido


When the content is an asset in the annual accounts

The content strategy improves the communicability of the companies making the intangible corporate information in the tangible messages. This transformation means that part of the generated content should be considered an asset in the financial accounts of the company. Thus, the company increased value.

Post in Spanish: Cuando el contenido es un activo fijo en los balances anuales