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Creating functional content on mobile devices only in apps

A study on mobile marketing developed by IAB Spain and released today shows that 71% of internet connections from mobile devices are produced from apps. The rate double that of 2012 and is equal to connections from web pages on mobile devices (72%). The data allow discriminating a functional content from apps and other content from web pages.

Post in Spanish: El contenido funcional en móviles, a las apps


The buying experience with iBeacon and contextualized content

iBeacon BLE will revolutionize the information given to customers when they walk by a store. With Apple’s latest invention, the shelves and the aisles of supermarkets become an active factor that contextualizes the products and the online communication and transform the entire shopping experience. The content strategist must combine the who and when factors to display the messages more efficient.

Post in Spanish: La experiencia de compra con iBeacon y el contenido contextualizado


Errors in the geolocated content: methods and causes

The recipient of web content is, usually, not aware that messages are geotargeting delivered. Programmers use the GPS signal, the mobile phone masts and IP addresses to find out from where the web page is query. And these systems are not free of errors that seriously affect the way in which content is delivered. This post discusses methods and sources of error.

Post in Spanish: Errores en el contenido geolocalizado: métodos y causas


Communicative challenges for the content 4.0 strategy

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 implies substantial changes in corporate communication through content. CCOs need the advice of a content strategist before adopting technologies to cope with change. Broadly speaking, today's challenges are voice search, intelligent chatbots, Customer Digital Assitants, Content-as-a-Service, PIM platforms and PCG, the volatile contexts and the continuous delivery.

Post in Spanish: Retos comunicativos 4.0 para la estrategia de contenidos


Content strategy to save money on user manuals

The bulky instruction manuals that are delivered along with the products are obsolete. They are little effective communicatively and expensive for the manufacturer. Implementing a successful content strategy will improve the brand communication of the product guides and greatly reduce production costs.

Post in Spanish: Estrategia de contenidos para ahorrar en los manuales de usuario


How to build a Intelligent Content piece

Instructions, step by step, to construct a piece of intelligent content that adapts automatically to the parameters obtained during the navigation of the user. Each version of the content is a message addressed to a single recipient. Communication is much more effective and sustainable economically.

Post in Spanish: Cómo se construye una pieza de contenido inteligente


‘title’, essential in the writing of semantic content

The 5.2 HTML update gives the title attribute a new role. The goal is for Assistive Technology (AT) to semantically identify the content. The AT devices will understand the content and will be able to summarize it or extract the data to answer user questions. Content that does not fit these features will be invisible on the Internet.

Post in Spanish: ‘title’, imprescindible en la redacción de contenido semántico