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The professional profile of in-house content strategist

Massively, companies have started hiring strategists content. More and more jobs. However, depending on the type of organization, functions of strategist are different. Generally, this professional acts in governance and control of content, supported by external consultants. The post discusses their most common functions and organizational needs to hire a strategist.

Post in Spanish: El perfil profesional del estratega de contenidos residente en la empresa


Hypotheses about the causes of content blindness

Large investors in content marketing have started to notice the effect of blindness content. His messages are unnoticed by users, although they have in front. This post discusses a number of hypotheses about the characteristics of content marketing that produce blindness. Perhaps the solution is to begin from scratch with underlying content strategy and effective.

Post in Spanish: Hipótesis sobre las causas de la ceguera del contenido


Uber: context of information consumption and content strategy

Study of a singular phenomenon  in some companies of the digital economy. Uber and Airbnb publish print magazines with unique content for their users. The paper holder has more strategic advantages for content that the online communication. The key advantage is the context control for the consumption of the information.

Post in Spanish: Uber: contexto de consumo informativo y estrategia de contenidos


Context content trends for fashion retailers

Exploration of content trends for retailers in the fashion sector. The use of corporate websites that prolong the contribution of content value is proposed. The content map affects the personal, socio-political and spatio-temporal contextualization of the garments. It is intended that the buyer discover the content more easily and spend more time in the establishment.

Post in Spanish: Tendencias de contenido de contexto para minoristas de moda


Methods of prior evaluation of the design applied to the content

Principles and indications of the methods of prior evaluation of the design applied to the content. The goal is to adapt background and form to achieve more effective communication, without sacrificing resources or budget and to avoid the distrust of uncommitted managers. The three methods consist of the separation of background and form, the comparison of content models in use and the hierarchy.

Post in Spanish: Métodos de evaluación previa del diseño aplicado al contenido


Content strategy for planning the corporate intranet

The success of an intranet depends more on content strategy than on technology. When planning the intranet, it is necessary to analyze the jobs as audiences and determine what information each recipient needs. This way they will find faster the information and the useful content will always be up to date. Some classic intranet features can be replaced by other more effective platforms.

Post in Spanish: Estrategia de contenidos para planificar la intranet corporativa


Differential ethnography in content strategy

Differential ethnography is a method of audience research that is used in content strategy to analyze the context of content consumption. It is based on the existence of patterns of apprehension of information that, in turn, obey internal routines. The researcher tries to determine what is a priority, what is more comfortable and what is culturally acceptable to the subject.

Post in Spanish: Etnografía diferencial en estrategia de contenidos