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Comunicación eficaz, competitiva y sostenible

Diseño de operaciones con contenido:
Análisis y ejecución de Estrategia de Contenidos
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Adaptive Content

RESS design, a hybrid of adaptive content and responsive design

Approach to the RESS programming philosophy, server-side identification of the model Internet device. Similarly which filters design elements can filter content components. Thereby be combined adaptive content with RWD.

Post in Spanish: El diseño RESS, un híbrido de ‘adaptive content’ y ‘responsive design’


Content strategy to save money on user manuals

The bulky instruction manuals that are delivered along with the products are obsolete. They are little effective communicatively and expensive for the manufacturer. Implementing a successful content strategy will improve the brand communication of the product guides and greatly reduce production costs.

Post in Spanish: Estrategia de contenidos para ahorrar en los manuales de usuario


Functions and objectives of the mandatory annual review of content

The functions of the periodic review of web content is the alignment between the message and the brand, consistency of content, strategic coherence, respect of the legal commitment, technological effectiveness and detection of changes of interest in the audience. Some objectives may be covered by the in-house content strategist. Others can only address them outside consultants in content strategy.

Post in Spanish: Funciones y objetivos de la revisión anual de contenidos


The ‘cruft concept’ in content strategy

The cruft is formed by elements of programming and content components that impair the correct transmission of the page message. Although the effect seems imperceptible, users are frustrated by not access the content they want immediately. The content strategist must sublimate the main content and eliminate or relegate secondary and superfluous content based on the device query.

Post in Spanish: El concepto ‘costra’ en estrategia de contenidos


Two hundred and strategists around the world, in Barcelona’s Confab

Two hundred content strategists around the world have gathered in Confab Europe, held today in Barcelona. The Confab is the most important meeting for strategists and  held in Europe for the second time. The sessions can be followed by using the Twitter hashtag #ConfabEU.

Post in Spanish: El Confab de Barcelona reúne 200 estrategas de todo el mundo


Nielsen: the apps occupy 80% of the connection from mobile devices

The cross-platform Nielsen study corresponding to the fourth quarter of 2013 shows that over 80% of the time Internet from mobile devices is done through apps. It’s the fastest growing trend is compared to browsing web pages. The adaptive content and the responsive design have been called into question by the study data.

Post in Spanish: Nielsen: las apps ocupan el 80% de la conexión desde móviles