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Pros and cons for the use of emojis in content strategy

Emojis are a huge temptation for corporate content authors. Everyone uses them and they facilitate the communication of emotional issues. Faced with some advantages, such as the emulation of face-to-face conversation, emoticons also offer many drawbacks. Some reports have verified a disdain of the messages that include them and the technology does not always favor them. This post lists all the arguments.

Post in Spanish: Pros y contras para el uso de emojis en estrategia de contenidos


Phases of the annual review of the corporate content calendar

The year begins and you have to review the publication calendar. The election of the most suitable date for each piece allow the most effective communication, contributing more value and managing the resources better. A semiprofessional review contemplates seven aspects that affect the calendar. You will do it under principles of content strategy.

Post in Spanish: Fases de la revisión anual del calendario de contenidos


Context content trends for fashion retailers

Exploration of content trends for retailers in the fashion sector. The use of corporate websites that prolong the contribution of content value is proposed. The content map affects the personal, socio-political and spatio-temporal contextualization of the garments. It is intended that the buyer discover the content more easily and spend more time in the establishment.

Post in Spanish: Tendencias de contenido de contexto para minoristas de moda


Methods of prior evaluation of the design applied to the content

Principles and indications of the methods of prior evaluation of the design applied to the content. The goal is to adapt background and form to achieve more effective communication, without sacrificing resources or budget and to avoid the distrust of uncommitted managers. The three methods consist of the separation of background and form, the comparison of content models in use and the hierarchy.

Post in Spanish: Métodos de evaluación previa del diseño aplicado al contenido


Extrinsic rewards in intentional content

Some content design methods use the extrinsic rewards to create the architecture of the messages. These factors are the advantages offered by what the content is about for the receiver that is invited to act (buy, download…). They are emotional and, often, morally unavowable. It is only understood in the context of the receiver and therefore requires the use of individualized communication tactics.

Post in Spanish: Las recompensas extrínsecas en el contenido intencional


Corporate security management in blogs lacking governance

Some managers put the corporate blog in the hands of their employees. They give them the company communication without establishing any control. At their discretion, workers can commit crimes of information, against the honor or privacy of individuals, against intellectual or industrial property, and against the consumer. In addition to damage to reputation, the company may be condemned.

Post in Spanish: Gestión de seguridad corporativa en blogs sin gobernanza