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Audiences in the hotel content strategy

The content of the web sites of hotels do not meet the information needs of the different audiences that may have. The corporate message has been hijacked by marketing, focusing it towards a single consumer profile. As a result, content can be interchangeable between different hotel brands. Audience research of content strategy can be a differentiating factor in the sector.

Post in Spanish: Audiencias en la estrategia de contenidos hotelera


Content strategy for the challenge of ultra-transparency

The activities of corporate transparency proved insufficient to the demands of citizens. The companies should be introduced ultra-transparency communication policies affecting mainly the content. This post pointing three tactics to meet the needs of the ultra-transparency.

Post in Spanish: Estrategia de contenidos para el reto de la ultratransparencia


Content types that require aseptic processing to communicate better

A study by YouGov and Reuters Insitute on native advertising reveals that users consider sacred certain content types. The list can be moved from media to maps contained in content strategy. The report reveals that the acceptance data of native advertising are very poor and hurt the media.

Post in Spanish: Temáticas que exigen un tratamiento aséptico para comunicar mejor


Strategic change: making public the contents of internal communication

The forms of consumer information on the Internet allow a change in the use of internal communication. The proposal is to move much of the information from the intranet to corporate site. The benefits are: transparency, control, updated information, better use of hyperlinks, positioning in searchers, and multi-device capacity.

Post in Spanish: Giro estratégico: hacer públicos los contenidos de comunicación interna


David Domingo will lead the implementation of Brand Journalism

David Domingo, Ph.D. in digital journalism, joins Estrategia del Contenido® to lead a team of transformation towards brand journalism. Domingo, now professor at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), will lead the team in the main flow information detection processes and to transform the business communication from our clients to brand journalism. 

Post in Spanish: El profesor David Domingo liderará la implantación de periodismo de Marcas


Quick guide of content terminology

Quick Reference Guide to identify the differences between fashioned terms that use the word “content”. The definitions are open to any contribution. Collected terms: brand journalism, content strategy, global content strategy, content marketing, sponsored content, product placement, brandend content and naming rights.

Post in Spanish: Guía rápida de terminología sobre contenidos


How is a ROT analysis in a content audit

Explanation of contents endpoints according to the scheme ROT (Reiterated, Outdated, Trivial). The goal is to determine the quality and level of preservation of the content. ROT is part of the content inventory in an audit. For each URL, at the discretion of the auditor, the content can delete, rewrite, reclassify, add, disaggregate or dating again.

Post in Spanish: Cómo se hace un análisis ROT en una auditoría de contenidos