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The response to the Internet of Things as new content context

According to report “Digital Life in 2025”, the Internet of Things generate environmental information on the connection point from the person. As content strategists, we can use the data from wearable technology to use as a context of consumption of our messages. With zero cost, we achieve a high transmission efficiency useful content.

Post in Spanish: La respuesta al Internet de las Cosas como nuevo contexto de contenido


Trust management: blogs recovery, experts and semantic content

With the results of the 14th Trust Barometer by Edelman in Spain, can be drawn three conclusions from the perspective of content strategy: the recovery of corporate blog that is outside the domain of the Mark; the opening of the blog for the employee of the company and the expert in this area; and the construction of semantic content and structured information that to be searchable.

Post in Spanish: Gestión de la confianza: integración de blogs, sabios y semántica


Solera tactics for more efficient and economical content

Tactics of a content strategy that takes advantage of old and quality content components (with solera) for the new message more efficient, faster production and cheaper cost. The tactics are inspired by the wine technique. In the cellars, the wine with solera is mixed with the young wine, transferring its properties. In content strategy the same was done with the information.

Post in Spanish: Táctica de soleras para un contenido más eficaz y económico


Content Strategy model for Criminal Compliance

The Spanish Penal Code requires, practically, a Criminal Compliance program for companies. The objective is to circumvent or mitigate possible penalties for the benefit that organizations have obtained from crimes committed. The creation of a content strategy that communicates this program contributes to the detection of suspicious activities, provides legal protection and increases its brand value.

Post in Spanish: Estrategia de contenidos marco para Compliance Penal


The own media are survivors of universal loss of trust

An content strategy in the own media and the own channels under the control of the organization, with a spontaneous message, using the voice of technical and academic experts, based on experiences, and away from the institution of corporate communication, is more effective. Thus, following the conclusions of the Edelman Trust Barometer 2017, communication will gain credibility.

Post in Spanish: Los canales propios sobreviven a la pérdida universal de confianza


Methods to move the cost of the contents to provider

The content creation of products in stores and online catalogs is a slow and expensive process. The strategy of moving production of this content to the provider of item for sale has many advantages. The content has more quality, is more reliable and useful, more timely and shifts the cost to the provider. This post explains 3 methods to outsource content production into providers.

Post in Spanish: Métodos para trasladar el coste de los contenidos al proveedor


Pernicious profiles of managers that validate the content

The lack of training, lack of interest, professional pruritus, inability to express what should be the content that the organization produces overwork, information overload, the competential zeal and organization of governance may affect seriously the process of creating content. This post describes four management profiles affecting production.

Post in Spanish: Perfiles perniciosos de directivos que validan el contenido