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Credibility of content: the ‘personal brand’ to ‘commercial brand’

The last Edelman Barometer shows a transition between the personal brand and the commercial brand. If relationship between the recipient of the content and the brand consolidates, the voice of personal brand matters less. The trend influences Content Strategy and Brand Journalism.

Post in Spanish: Credibilidad del contenido: de la ‘marca personal’ a la ‘marca comercial’


The own media are survivors of universal loss of trust

An content strategy in the own media and the own channels under the control of the organization, with a spontaneous message, using the voice of technical and academic experts, based on experiences, and away from the institution of corporate communication, is more effective. Thus, following the conclusions of the Edelman Trust Barometer 2017, communication will gain credibility.

Post in Spanish: Los canales propios sobreviven a la pérdida universal de confianza


The content subtexts as disease and how to diagnose

The invisible disease of content structured on false subtexts is very difficult to diagnose. The disease is caused by six cognitive behaviors that occur unconsciously in the planning, creation and revision of the content. This post explains the remedies that content strategist can apply when this disease is diagnostique.

Post in Spanish: Diagnóstico del contenido enfermo de sobrentendidos


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A very brief history of content strategy

Taking advantage of the last session of the Confab Central 2016 and the publication of a monograph on content strategy by the IEEE, it should make an historical review of discipline. The information sources are the self experience and contributions in the Content Strategy Forum.

Post in Spanish: Una brevísima historia de la estrategia de contenidos


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Money and quality of life: how Google ranks content

The latest edition of the Google Search Quality Rating Guide categorized the content by thematic. The search engine creates two categories, one for content related to personal finance, health and individual well-being and another for the other contents. Google considers web communication on the Internet as a conversation between people.The content is valued from expertise, authority and trust.

Post in Spanish: Dinero y calidad de vida: cómo clasifica Google los contenidos