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MIT monographic about multicultural content strategies

Innovations, a journal published by MIT, has released a special issue for the first time, the content strategy. The publication is dedicated to creation of appropriate messages to the culture and language of the receivers, and introduces the concepts of cultural refinement and social orientation for content.

Post in Spanish: Monográfico del MIT sobre estrategias de contenidos multiculturales


Vital signs of a documented content strategy

The vast majority of companies and institutions lack a document about the content strategy of the organization. This document is vital for the present and future communication of the brand and should be preserved with the same zeal as the corporate identity manual or the crisis communication plan. The documented strategy is based on rigorous analysis and data.

Post in Spanish: Signos vitales de una estrategia de contenidos documentada


The own media are survivors of universal loss of trust

An content strategy in the own media and the own channels under the control of the organization, with a spontaneous message, using the voice of technical and academic experts, based on experiences, and away from the institution of corporate communication, is more effective. Thus, following the conclusions of the Edelman Trust Barometer 2017, communication will gain credibility.

Post in Spanish: Los canales propios sobreviven a la pérdida universal de confianza


Concepts in the excellence report on corporate content

A trend in corporate communication is the development of a report of content excellence. This report contains comparative ratios of content published during the year and quality criteria which focus in the future. These criteria are the anticipating change, the renewal of objectives, the review process, the review of authority, the training and the development of corporate behavior.

Post in Spanish: Conceptos del balance de excelencia del contenido corporativo


The deceptive promise of engagement in content strategy

The best definitions of engagement with content are contradictory. Some explanations affect different stages of content consumption. However, they continue to be used for marketing. The analysis forgets that user engagement can be with the content, with the author or with the social correspondent. This disparity undermines any result.

Post in Spanish: La engañosa promesa del engagement del contenido


Audiences in the hotel content strategy

The content of the web sites of hotels do not meet the information needs of the different audiences that may have. The corporate message has been hijacked by marketing, focusing it towards a single consumer profile. As a result, content can be interchangeable between different hotel brands. Audience research of content strategy can be a differentiating factor in the sector.

Post in Spanish: Audiencias en la estrategia de contenidos hotelera


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A very brief history of content strategy

Taking advantage of the last session of the Confab Central 2016 and the publication of a monograph on content strategy by the IEEE, it should make an historical review of discipline. The information sources are the self experience and contributions in the Content Strategy Forum.

Post in Spanish: Una brevísima historia de la estrategia de contenidos