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Convert the shopping experience on consumer experience

The replacement of emails with commercial offers by emails with content about the product purchased is more efficient for the customer loyalty. Scattered content is selected and is presented regularly, without aggressively appearance advertising. The content explains how to use and get the best out of the purchased item. The email creates an excellent consumer experience.

Post in Spanish: Convertir la compra en experiencia de consumo


Parametric content for large volumes of information

Catalogs and online stores use parametric navigation to reduce the chances of responses to the needs of users. Sites with a huge volume of content can not use this style of navigation. To reduce the volume of responses is necessary to write a parametric content into selected pages. This post discusses why and how.

Post in Spanish: Contenido paramétrico para un gran volumen de información


The content strategy in the new patterns of buying decision

Itamar Simonson, professor at Stanford, and Emanuel Rosen have signed the treaty Absolute value. The book challenges the accepted patterns of buying decision. In their model, rational and comprehensive information prior to purchase plan is a conditioning. The content strategy becomes a knowledge distributor for improving communication, surpassing content marketing.

Post in Spanish: La estrategia de contenidos en los nuevos patrones de decisión de compra


How to build a Intelligent Content piece

Instructions, step by step, to construct a piece of intelligent content that adapts automatically to the parameters obtained during the navigation of the user. Each version of the content is a message addressed to a single recipient. Communication is much more effective and sustainable economically.

Post in Spanish: Cómo se construye una pieza de contenido inteligente


Asynchronous Content Strategy for Customer Digital Assistants

Customer Digital Assistants will increase online retail results by 40% and accelerate 2.3 times operations. But these robots need content created within a knowledge graph of each business. There are two content strategies to develop this data that cover the facets of the product, the seller and the customer. The asynchronous content strategy seems the most profitable.

Post in Spanish: Estrategia de contenidos asíncrona para Customer Digital Assistants


Methods to move the cost of the contents to provider

The content creation of products in stores and online catalogs is a slow and expensive process. The strategy of moving production of this content to the provider of item for sale has many advantages. The content has more quality, is more reliable and useful, more timely and shifts the cost to the provider. This post explains 3 methods to outsource content production into providers.

Post in Spanish: Métodos para trasladar el coste de los contenidos al proveedor