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The content strategy in the new patterns of buying decision

Itamar Simonson, professor at Stanford, and Emanuel Rosen have signed the treaty Absolute value. The book challenges the accepted patterns of buying decision. In their model, rational and comprehensive information prior to purchase plan is a conditioning. The content strategy becomes a knowledge distributor for improving communication, surpassing content marketing.

Post in Spanish: La estrategia de contenidos en los nuevos patrones de decisión de compra


Parametric content for large volumes of information

Catalogs and online stores use parametric navigation to reduce the chances of responses to the needs of users. Sites with a huge volume of content can not use this style of navigation. To reduce the volume of responses is necessary to write a parametric content into selected pages. This post discusses why and how.

Post in Spanish: Contenido paramétrico para un gran volumen de información


Methods to move the cost of the contents to provider

The content creation of products in stores and online catalogs is a slow and expensive process. The strategy of moving production of this content to the provider of item for sale has many advantages. The content has more quality, is more reliable and useful, more timely and shifts the cost to the provider. This post explains 3 methods to outsource content production into providers.

Post in Spanish: Métodos para trasladar el coste de los contenidos al proveedor


European security section in the content strategy of e-commerce

The EU Commission has established minimum safety levels for 27 product categories. Without a declaration of conformity with EU directives it is not possible to transfer, sell or consume certain articles in the European Economic Area. The data in this declaration can be used as structured content in e-commerce to influence purchasing decisions and improve visibility of the web page.

Post in Spanish: La ficha de seguridad europea en la estrategia de contenidos del e-commerce


Functions and objectives of the mandatory annual review of content

The functions of the periodic review of web content is the alignment between the message and the brand, consistency of content, strategic coherence, respect of the legal commitment, technological effectiveness and detection of changes of interest in the audience. Some objectives may be covered by the in-house content strategist. Others can only address them outside consultants in content strategy.

Post in Spanish: Funciones y objetivos de la revisión anual de contenidos