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Auditoría de contenido

Mandatory legal requirements for the content in the web sites

This post gives an overview of the legal dispositions requiring publish certain content on websites. The legislation affects data protection, transparency in the use of public funds, nutritional and health information and financial information. A service package was also announced to help companies to comply with the Transparency Act.

Post in Spanish: Exigencias legales de contenido obligatorio en los sitios web


How is a ROT analysis in a content audit

Explanation of contents endpoints according to the scheme ROT (Reiterated, Outdated, Trivial). The goal is to determine the quality and level of preservation of the content. ROT is part of the content inventory in an audit. For each URL, at the discretion of the auditor, the content can delete, rewrite, reclassify, add, disaggregate or dating again.

Post in Spanish: Cómo se hace un análisis ROT en una auditoría de contenidos


Factors of propagation in the editorial calendar

The propagation concept registers, by speed and intensity, the degree of receptivity on a piece of content. This is calculated on the experience in the publication. It serves to develop an editorial calendar that is communicatively more effective and economically more profitable. This post discusses the factors that affect the propagation.

Post in Spanish: Factores de propagación en el calendario editorial


Concepts in the excellence report on corporate content

A trend in corporate communication is the development of a report of content excellence. This report contains comparative ratios of content published during the year and quality criteria which focus in the future. These criteria are the anticipating change, the renewal of objectives, the review process, the review of authority, the training and the development of corporate behavior.

Post in Spanish: Conceptos del balance de excelencia del contenido corporativo


The content subtexts as disease and how to diagnose

The invisible disease of content structured on false subtexts is very difficult to diagnose. The disease is caused by six cognitive behaviors that occur unconsciously in the planning, creation and revision of the content. This post explains the remedies that content strategist can apply when this disease is diagnostique.

Post in Spanish: Diagnóstico del contenido enfermo de sobrentendidos


Strategic actions to extract maximum performance to content

The expectation and curiosity aroused by our services page on Facebook has led us to classify, sort and deepen the extensive list containing this post. We have classified them into six sections: diagnosis and unified content strategy; governance; editorial intervention; assistance and production of content; audiences; and brand journalism.

Post in Spanish: Acciones para extraer el máximo rendimiento al contenido